We have moved, Our new address is - Goose Chiropractic and Well-being centre, Lotus House, Campbell Way, Dinnington, S25 3QD.


We have a large carpark in front of the clinic with a disabled parking space.

Absolutely. Many people consult a chiropractor during pregnancy to help with their overall health and wellbeing, not just for aches and pains (50-75% of pregnant patients report aches and pains according to research). 84% of patients saw relief through regular chiropractic adjustments. A retrospective review showed women who seek chiropractic care through their pregnancy gestation with their first baby found on average 25% shorter labour times, and those who have multiple babies showed 31% shorter labour times. Chiropractic may help with alignment which could help with the engagement of baby towards the end of pregnancy. Adjustments for pregnant patients are tailored to the individual cases. All adjustments are safe for mum and baby and the beds can be manipulated to accommodate an ever expanding bump.

It is perfectly safe for babies and children to be adjusted. Care is tailored to every individual, whether that person is less than 1 years old or over 80!

Absolutely! We are proud to have created such a family-friendly environment. We welcome children and have a selection of toys, games and books for them to enjoy. Although, we do ask that the remain with you during your appointment  as our insurance states that they cannot be left unsupervised in the reception area.

All major private health schemes (other than BUPA) are covered by our services. This may change in the future though so please ask who we’re currently registered with. Always check with your insurance provider if you require a referral from your doctor before attending an appointment as all schemes are different.

No, we welcome practice members of all ages. We see people from birth right through to their great grandparents (our oldest patient is 93!) We tailor our care to you as an individual and based on your body each time you visit clinic. We ask that our under 16s are accompanied by an adult.

At the clinic, we carefully select a range of products that compliment care. We carry stocks of health-related items such as Biofreeze, hot and cold therapy packs, vitmins and supplements. These are hand selected by our team so our clinic community receive the best benefits.

Although both are safe and effective versions of manual therapy, they have very different philosophies and techniques so cannot directly be compared. Chiropractic’s origins are rooted in optimising your body’s functional neurology (after all, your nervous system controls every aspect of your body). This is done by helping support natural movement in the body and spine and stimulating areas of your nervous system. Chiropractic does not treat any ailments but supports the body’s natural ability to function as a whole. Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic and physiotherapy compliment each other. This is evident in major sports teams who have dedicated chiropractors and physiotherapists on hand.

The clinic has step free access, disabled toilets and a lift should your appointment be upstairs.

There are no specific clothes you need to wear to receive an adjustment, just wear what is comfortable for you. Please bear in mind that you’ll be asked to move around on the bench.

Adjustments are safe and generally do not cause pain. If you have areas tender to touch or in a very acute phase of inflammation, adjustments can be uncomfortable but will get easier as normal function returns to your body. We will always tailor our choices of adjustment to your case. If you have any concerns, please speak to a member of the team.

Chiropractic is designed to help you as a whole. Talk to our clinicians about how your condition may be affecting your health.