We have moved, Our new address is - Goose Chiropractic and Well-being centre, Lotus House, Campbell Way, Dinnington, S25 3QD.

Meet Our Team

Our Chiropractors

Dr. Thomas Lawrence, DC.

(Doctor of Chiropractic) (MChiro)

I’m Tom, the principal chiropractor at Goose Chiropractic and Wellbeing Centre. I graduated with a Master of Chiropractic degree in 2012. Before opening Goose Lane Clinic in 2013, I worked with a fantastic team in Scunthorpe.

I run the clinics with my wife, mum and our dream team. We have 2 wonderful chiro kids, Rosie and Peter, who I’m sure you will see at some point in the clinics getting adjusted along with our dog Izzy who loves nothing more than a belly scratch in reception.

When I was 12 years old, my whole family started seeing a chiropractor – I had my first adjustment and have never looked back! I find that chiropractic not only keeps me feeling at my best, but also energised and connected to life. The potential that our body’s hold amazes me every day.

When I first became a chiropractor, I was more focused around sports performance and helping athletes function at their best. I have worked with Team GB swimmers for the 2012 Olympic Games and I have taken part in a research project with the Welsh Rugby Union. Even now, I work with a range of professional and semi-professional athletes on a daily basis, which I really enjoy. Sports, however, is a small part of my practice. I love seeing the wide variety of people in our clinic community; from new born babies to elderly people, who are still very young at heart.

The reason we can do this is because chiropractic doesn’t ‘treat’ any ailment but instead helps boost a person’s natural ability to express itself to the fullest. This could be expression in the ability to heal or the ability for someone to get the most out of their life and activities. This is because chiropractic is safe and effective for all ages, with care being tailored completely to an individual’s case.

Seeing people positively change and get the most out of life makes me very proud of what I do. I really enjoy presenting educational chiropractic talks to the public to share my knowledge, success stories and answer any questions you may have. Drop me a line if this is of interest to you!

Dr. Kal Hammond-Race

(Doctor of Chiropractic) (MChiro)

Meet Kal

Hi, I’m Kal,

I graduated with a distinction in my Masters of Chiropractic Degree in 2021. Having been a part of the Goose Lane team since 2017 you may have seen me in and around the clinics for quite a while. I spent 4 years down at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. I have loved my time learning the skills of Chiropractic and all the opportunities and experiences that University life brings whilst also making memories of a lifetime.

I couldn’t be more excited to be back in clinic to work with the amazing team that we have. They have been so supportive during my studies and I can’t wait to work alongside them.

I love that Chiropractic allows you to get the best out of peoples bodies.  I enjoy working with people to help them realise their potential and undertake that journey with them!

Physical exercise and the benefits it brings is one of the things I enjoy most . I like a variety of activities and sports and love trying new ways to exercise or spend time outside. I enjoy time in the gym, team sports or being in the mountains whether it is walking, hiking, climbing or like when I’m at my happiest, with my skis.

Dr. Jame Noble

(Doctor of Chiropractic) (MChiro)

Meet James

Hi I’m James

I am a chiropractor who graduated in 2009 from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, I have been working for the last 14 years in a fantastic clinic in Scunthorpe where I used to work with Tom. I am looking forward to the next exciting stage of my career here at Goose Chiropractic.

I first discovered chiropractic when I was 13 when I myself suffered from a bad back. I visited the GP who couldn’t help along with a physiotherapist, who told me I was misaligned but that he couldn’t help me either. Finally, I found a chiropractor and after a few sessions I was feeling much better; I was amazed that I felt so much better without the need for medication or surgery.

I started studying chiropractic as a mature (maybe!) student at age 22. I was working on an oil refinery at the time and I was looking at doing an engineering degree when I found that chiropractic was available and I have never looked back.

I am very much known for my running and triathlon, where I have taken part in the Marathon Des Sables – a 150 mile running race across the Sahara Desert, and also recently competed in the world age group triathlon championships in Ibiza representing team GB. I realise the benefits that an active lifestyle can have on a persons mental and physical health. Although I certainly don’t expect my practice members to do the same distances!

My other love in life is seeing the improvements my practice members make during their care, I feel chiropractic goes so much further than removing pain and I see regular chiropractic care as essential for maintaining health, flexibility and general well-being.

I look forward to helping you on your journey


Dr. Lucy Hacker

(Doctor of Chiropractic) (MChiro)

Meet Lucy

Hello, I’m Lucy.

I am originally from Jersey and I am one of the chiropractors here at Goose Chiropractic. I graduated from AECC in Bournemouth with a Master of Chiropractic in 2023. I have a huge passion for sport, having played tennis most of my life and also enjoying long walks and swims. I therefore place a big value on chiropractic to enable me to feel my best and allow my body to keep performing well.

I believe in the all natural, hands-on approach chiropractic has in healing the body, not only for performance but everyday optimal living. I am passionate about helping people reach their goals and unlock their full potential. I am excited to start my journey here at Goose Chiropractic and create positive lifelong changes!

Dr. Sebastian Christiansen

(Doctor of Chiropractic) (MChiro)

Meet Seb

Hey everyone, I’m Sebastian

I am from the land of “Hygge”, the Little Mermaid, and Danish pastries, Denmark.

My journey into the world of chiropractic care began with a deep-seated love for sports and an insatiable curiosity about the human body’s potential. I’ve always been an advocate for an active lifestyle, and this led me to explore the incredible ways in which chiropractic care can enhance performance, alleviate pain, and improve overall well-being. It’s a field where my passion for helping people and my fascination with the human body intersect perfectly.

I attended the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC), where I graduated with a Master of Chiropractic. It was there that I not only honed my skills but also gained invaluable insights into the incredible potential of the spine and nervous system. My approach is rooted in the belief that the body has an incredible capacity to heal and thrive when given the right care and support.

Outside of the clinic, you can catch me indulging in the delightful free samples at Costco, either watching or actively participating in sports, and on a quest to discover the finest coffee South Yorkshire has to offer.So, whether you’re seeking relief from nagging aches and pains, aiming to enhance your athletic performance, or simply looking to live more life per moment, I’m here to guide you on your journey toward optimal health. Together, we’ll unlock the power of your spine and help you embrace life’s adventures with open arms.

Chiropractic Assistants


Head Chiropractic Assistant

Meet Kate

Hi my name is Kate

I became a member of the Goose Chiropractic team back in 2016 as a chiropractic assistant working part time around my daughters nursery time table. Working firstly with a small team and then being part of the growth and development of the clinic has been an exciting journey.

Meeting practice members for the first time and being part of their journey to improved wellbeing is very rewarding. Seeing the progress our practice members make is my favourite thing about working here, seeing them get back to the things they love always bring a smile to my face.

Watching my daughter grow at the same time as the clinic has been such a pleasure. She now a very talented football player and is in clinic every week to get adjusted to help with her performance.


Chiropractic Technician

Meet Zoe

Hi my name is Zoe.

I’ve worked here since 2016. I originally started on reception and also have a background as a massage therapist. Now with my wide understanding of health and the body. I also run scans and assessments on our practice members allowing us to track their progress and tailor their care plans to them individually. I love learning about chiropractic and how it can change people’s lives. We have a great team here which actually feel more like a big family. The highlight of my day is meeting patients and their new babies (and pinching cuddles :))


Chiropractic Assistant

Meet Jo

Hi, Im Jo

I live in Whiston with my husband, daughter and pug. Im quite new to both the Goose Lane family and to the world of Chiropractic, and I can honestly say that I wish I’d done it years ago.

I’m already feeling the health benefits of the adjustments, everyone should try it!


Chiropractic Assistant

Meet Helen

Hi my name is Helen, I was a practice member at the clinic for over a year before I started work here in 2018. All my family attend clinic for regular adjustments and soft tissue care, even my grandson was being adjusted a week after he was born.  I love making all of our wonderful practice members laugh and feel comfortable while waiting for their clinician.


Chiropractic Assistant

Meet Sasha

Hey I’m Sasha!

I joined the team in April 21 and I absolutely love it!

The whole team are so friendly, it really doesn’t feel like coming to work.

I bring my 3 young children to the clinic for their adjustments regularly, and my partner is pushing me to get him booked in with a massage therapist!

I studied Health sciences at university, so I have a background in health and how the body works. It’s amazing to see how much chiropractic can help so many people!

As a technician I especially love seeing how people progress by comparing their scans, it really is an emotional experience to witness at times, and I am privileged to be a part of it!



Community Outreach & Chiropractic Technician

Meet Jordan

Hi I’m Jordan, currently working as a Chiropractic Assistant & Technician. My journey began with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, fuelling my passion for health and wellness. Now I’m on the path to becoming a Chiropractor, blending my academic background with hands-on experience to support practice members in achieving optimal well-being. Every day I’m dedicated to learning and growing in my role, providing compassionate care and assistance to those under chiropractic care. I’m driven by the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others.


Chiropractic Assistant

Meet Rachel

Hello, my name is Rachel and I started working at the clinic after being a patient at the clinic for nearly three years. I found the training we received so interesting, learning more in depth how chiropractic care can be beneficial for all ages from newborn babies to great grandparents! I really enjoy working at the clinic, its such a friendly atmosphere, the team and patients are fantastic! My children, husband and the majority of my friends now get adjusted to keep them as healthy as possible.


Chiropractic Technician & Lead Finance


Hi, I’m Steph. I’m one of the Chiropractic Technicians and have been working with the team since 2015. I’ve been receiving chiropractic care regularly for around 10 years and love how beneficial it is to my overall health. It’s great how much energy it gives me as I have 2 very lively dogs at home who need lots of exercise! I love working here – the team are amazing.

Soft Tissue Therapists


(BSc Sports Therapy, MSc Sports Medicine)
Head Clinician & Massage Therapist

Meet Brooke

Hi, my name is Brooke (a Barnsley girl who loves a good natter) and I have been part of the Goose Clinic team for 5 years! I studied at Leeds Beckett university for 4 years where I got my degree in Sports therapy and Masters in sports medicine. I love my job and being part of our practice members journey to better health and well-being and I can’t wait to be a part of yours. Let me help you become a better version of yourself and reach those goals that you’ve been working towards!


(BSc Sports Therapy)
Massage Therapist

Meet Heidi


(BSc Sports Therapy)
Massage Therapist

Meet Beth

Hi I’m Beth and I’m a sports and exercise therapist .

I graduated Leeds Beckett University In 2020 with backgrounds in an array of sports from horse riding to kickboxing and anything in between. I have been at the clinic since 2021 and look at the whole body and nervous system as a collective. I strive to get the best care and progress out of each person I see. And most importantly I am passionate about my job and absolutely love what I do to impact peoples lives every day.

I’m a social butterfly and love a good chit chat and will always greet you with a smile and bubbly personality. In my spare time I love walking my dog in the countryside and have a motorbike and a keen interest in boxing and F1!I love working with all different populations, I have a history with working in professional football, rugby, boxing, bodybuilding and powerlifting but I love working with everyone that comes into clinic as long as you love a good knatter!


(BSc Sports Therapy)
Soft Tissue Therapist

Meet Harrison

Clinic Managers


Manager & Community Outreach

Meet Becky

Hi I’m Becky and I am married to the wonderful Tom.

I started as a primary teacher but decided to move to the world of chiropractic after seeing Tom and the team build and the amazing outcomes in our clinic community. I now work as one of the managers at the clinic and it’s the best decision I ever made!

My role as a manager has evolved over time and I now head up the marketing team where we do everything from planning on how to decorate the clinic for Christmas, sending out emails to keep our practice members updated on whats going on to organising events in the community.

My favourite part about working at the clinics is our wonderful practice members. I love chatting to everyone, hearing about what they have been getting up to and how chiropractic has changed their lives.



Meet Gill

My name is Gill Lawrence one of our clinic managers and along with my late husband Rob helped our son, Tom, open Goose Lane Clinic in 2013. We are fortunate to have the most amazing staff team who really care about improving our patient’s wellbeing. I look forward to seeing you in our clinic but I work mainly in the back office unless you see me covering reception occasionally.