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Chiropractic Care

What is chiropractic?

Your brain is the most important organ in the body. It is the command centre that controls and regulates every function in the body. It does this by having a continual two-way conversation with the body via the nervous system. However, these conversations can get interrupted by external physical, chemical and mental/emotional stresses acting on the body.

Examples of these 3 types of stresses include:

Physical (trauma) – injury, accidents, knocks/bumps, repetitive action, incorrect posture

Chemical (toxins)– food, drink, pollution, smoking, medication

Mental/emotional (thoughts) – work, anxiety, money, personal relationships, family issues

How does stress affect the body?

As soon as the brain perceives a stress, it immediately goes into protect mode. Often this is a good thing, like when the body forms a scab when you cut yourself. However, with the amount and variety of stresses in modern life, the brain and nervous system can sometimes become overwhelmed and not be able to deal with these stresses whilst maintaining optimum function. The more stresses that are acting on the body, the more the conversation is interrupted in the nervous system between the brain and the body; we call this ‘nerve interference’ or ‘subluxation’.

So, where does Chiropractic fit into this?

Chiropractors check for subluxation, usually along the spine, by applying quick and gentle movement to the vertebrae. We call this an ‘adjustment’. Adjustments aim to remove nerve interference so that your brain and body can continuing having the conversations that allow the body to function at its optimum. One of these functions, and it’s an important one, is your body’s own ability to self-heal and regulate (your body forming that scab when you cut yourself isn’t a coincidence!).

So chiropractic can treat anything?

Chiropractic does not treat anything – it cannot cure any ailments, issues or problems. What can do this, however, is you. Your body has the potential to heal itself; it is programmed for health, and designed to heal. Your body houses the greatest doctor on the planet, and that doctor specialises in you. It sometimes just needs the right support – and that’s where we enter your life.

Want to learn more?

Come to one of our health talks. It’s a great opportunity to learn and talk with an actual Chiropractor!

Time-lapse Adjustment


Our scanning facilities are unique to the local area. We use a state-of-the-art system called Myovision. This allows us to gather as much information about you and your spinal health.

The Scan vision sEMG sensors allow us to take readings from the muscles either side of your spine. This gives us a good indication of how the muscles are currently functioning. This is important as it gives the clinicians a better idea of how the associated nerves are working.

The FlexVision ROM (range of motion) sensors allow us to measure the quality of movement both in your neck and lower back. You will be required to perform various simple exercises in order for us to take the readings.

We also perform various other tests including:

  • Posture analysis  We will take photos of you, using our Posture Pro app we can analyse the images to show any areas where your posture could be improved.
  • Health checks – We will complete multiple checks which will include taking your height and weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturations and heart rate, pupil reflexes, head and neck positioning and a grip strength test.
  • Weight distribution testing
  • Balance testing