We have moved, Our new address is - Goose Chiropractic and Well-being centre, Lotus House, Campbell Way, Dinnington, S25 3QD.

Community Outreach



We love supporting local community businesses. Thriving community businesses mean a thriving community!

Boxing sponsorships:

Lee Appleyard
Anthony Tomlinson
Anthony Fowler
Jordan Gill
Gav McDonnell
Jamie McDonnell
Andy Townend


We care for people – that’s what we do! We are passionate about fundraising and getting involved with charities whenever we can. We operate a’ charity of the season’ scheme in our clinics where our generous clients donate their spare change so we can raise money for our chosen charity. If you know a worthy charity, let us know and they could be our next!

Community Involvement

You are not one body working alone, but trillions of cells working together in harmony. This is also true with communities. Communities are strongest and grow knowledge when the people in them join together. We believe being involved and passionate about the local community is of vital importance – we are always keen to network and build relationships. If you have a health business, and, like us, would like to branch out into the community and join forces (talk exchanges, sharing knowledge of events, social media shares etc.) we would love to hear from you!