We have moved, Our new address is - Goose Chiropractic and Well-being centre, Lotus House, Campbell Way, Dinnington, S25 3QD.

Specialist Areas

Specialist Areas


The variety of people we see in our clinics is incredible. We believe our services are for everyone however, the word has got out about the enormous benefits of chiropractic and massage particularly to athletes. In our clinics, we care for rugby players, football players, body-builders and professional boxers. These are people who don’t necessarily have an issue or complaint, but people who want to be functioning at their optimum level as much as possible.


The amount of pregnant women, newborns and toddlers we see in our clinics is expanding rapidly. We believe chiropractic helps your body to function at it’s optimum – what better time to start functioning well than when pregnant and growing a new life? Or, in a baby’s case, when you’ve just been born as need to recover from the trauma of birth? Or, in a toddler’s case, going through the most important developmental years of your life? We’re proud and honoured to say that we’ve played a part in the very important time of many children’s lives from when they’re still growing in the uterus, right up to them starting their first day at school.